Hotel Pakyta

Located at the top of a small hill, at the end of Calle Correos, San Jose’s main street, special care has gone into the architecture and decor of the Hotel Doña Pakyta, making it a space brought alive by Mediterranean colour and light.  

Pakyta was the name of a sailing boat that plied these waters. Now, as if it was a boat beached in the San Jose bay, one can still look over that same sea from this building’s windows and terraces. 
Light, colour, sea; the decoration is completely devoted to the panorama surrounding the hotel. From the moment when we reach the reception, through its halls and rooms, the Mediterranean floods the space and wraps everything with its intense blue light. 
Guests cannot be but dazzled by this view of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar National Park. They need only choose the place from where to look.